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When the barrier between a desperately ill child and medical treatment is distance … Miracle Flights for Kids makes the miles disappear™

Miracle Flights for Kids® is the nation’s leading nonprofit health and welfare flight organization. Since 1985, Miracle Flights has fulfilled its mission of helping families overcome financial obstacles by flying their seriously ill children to receive proper medical care and to get second opinions. 81% of all donations are allocated to helping sick children who have no other options. Over 88,000 flights to date, and counting! Read about a Miracle Flight’s child near you. Read their stories »

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To learn more, click on the link provided or contact us at cmoon@miracleflights.org. Spread the word!

Event Date Product Website Promotion
Thru Dec 2014 Zymbol Inspirational Jewelry www.zymbol.net
  • Get 10% off purchase
  • You buy one, Zymbol gifts one to a Miracle Flights Kid
  • 10% of proceeds benefit Miracle Flights for Kids!

is a line of unique & inspirational jewelry based around ONE design that contains every letter of the alphabet and every number hidden within it…

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